Asian boy Gilbert oiled and tickle tortured

Gilbert Oiled And Tickled

Vahn spreads baby oil all over Gilbert’s naked Asian body to increase the ticklishness. Vahn begins his delicate tickling with his fingers and erotic tickle taunting “ticky ticky ticky” as Gilbert giggles and squirms.

Then he oils up his ticklish Asian boy feet for some fantastic foot tickling. Gilbert’s feet wildly flinch and flail as the oily fingertips slide up and down his bare ticklish soles. Gilbert is loving the sensations, and hating it as well. He just wants to crawl out of his ticklish skin. Finally the two cute Asian boys lay together on the massage table and jerk off until they cum.

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Gilbert's bare soles are oiled and lightly tickled on his Asian boy feet.


Erotic sensual Asian tickling massage with foot tickling and feathers

Gilbert’s Sensual Tickling Massage

Gilbert Carreon loves to be tickled and touched. Better yet, he loves to be lightly and delicately tickled naked. This Asian gay boy visits the Erotic Asian Tickling Parlor to have a sensual tickling fetish experience.

Our tickling masseur Vahn Valdez uses his tickling tools such as feathers and a claw-like wire instrument with blunted tips so they will tickle as it lightly slides across the skin. Gilbert giggles and squirms and begs for more sensual tickling.

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The ticklish feet jerk and flinch as the gay tickling continues.

The kinky tickle fetish masseur now uses his flickering fingers to delicately scribble up and down Gilbert’s ticklish boy feet. The ticklish feet jerk and flinch. Vahn grabs his leg in an arm lock when he finds that tickle spot on his sole, and concentrates on the foot tickling to keep Gilbert giggling delightfully. Gilbert’s ticklish male feet flinch and flail with every fingernail stroke on his sensitive bare soles.

Laughing Asians male feet and tickling fetish videos

Then our expert tickler begins tickling his armpits, making his client squirm and writhe about on the massage table. Gilbert is in tickle fetish heaven and loves the sensations of his cute masseur’s fingertips as they scribble and flicker on his naked Asian boy body.

tickling feathers Asian boy sensual tickling.

Vahn heightens the effect by verbally taunting his cute Asian twink client. “Ticky ticky ticky! Kichy kichy koo!” says Vahn as his fingers dance about on the warm smooth skin. The erotic sensations are blissful to say the least. Vahn continues the sensual tickling around his crotch and up the ribs to the armpits of this cute Asian boy.

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Erotic Asian tickling parlor where gay Asian tickling is erotic

Erotic Asian Tickling Parlor

Welcome to the Erotic Asian Tickling Parlor. It is a peaceful place of erotic sensual tickling fetish pleasure. A place to enjoy your tickle fantasies by laying down and being tickled with feathers and fingers by a cute Asian boy.

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Erotic Asian tickling parlor with Jacob Bantay

Jacob Bantay enters the sensual tickling room where his cute gay Asian tickle masseur slips off his robe to reveal Jacob’s incredibly smooth, lean, muscular brown body. He lies down on the erotic tickling table and the tickle masseur begins with feather tickling.

feather tickling a cute muscular Asian boy

Giggles and quivers flow out of Jacob as the sensual tickling titillates his senses. Vahn spends plenty of time delicately tickling the soles of his hot client’s smooth Asian boy feet. We see that Jacob’s feet are wonderfully ticklish as they flinch and wiggle about. Vahn increases the sensations with his verbal “ticky ticky ticky” as his talented fingernails gently slide and scribble up and down Jacob’s oiled soles.

tickling the feet of his Asian boy client, the masseur flickers his fingernails on his bare soles making him giggle

Jacob’s cute smile and adorable giggling is a complete turn on. Vahn covers Jacob’s hot torso in oil and delicately tickles his six pack abs, making them quiver and flinch with every finger stroke. Vahn is so turned on by the end, he jerks off and shoots his cum all over Jacob’s hot muscular chest.

Tickling the bare male soles of his massage client


Laughing Asians male feet and gay tickling fetish videos

Asian gay tickling hand job and cum shot with Asian boys

New Tickle Boy On The Block

Cute Asian tickle boy Marcon just moved in next door, so Argie and Vahn invited him over to extend a welcome. They have been scheming on how to get this cute Asian boy tied to their bed because they want to tickle torture his smooth ticklish Asian boy body and especially they wanted to tickle his feet.

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Laughing Asians male feet and gay tickling fetish videos

So the tickle horny Asian boys come up with this plan to put something in his soft drink to make him sleepy. Then they could strip him naked and tie him down for some tickle fetish fun. They bring him the drink and soon he is asleep on the bed.

The cute Asian boy is prepared for some tickling fetish fun

When he wakes up, cute Marcon finds himself tied spreadeagled on the bed. Argie and Vahn tell him this is their way of welcoming the new boys on the block. They begin their tickle fetish fun on the cute Asian boy.

Cute ticklish boy Marcon endures relentless foot tickling from Vahn

After a nice long tickle torture session, they begin sensual tickling and hand job. Marcon is loving every stroke of his hard cock. Marcon asks to be released so he can take over and finish. And that he does! He shoots his cum and lays exhausted on the bed.

The gay Asian boys tickle torture Marcon, then perform a tickling hand job until they make him shoot his cum.

Tickle fetish sex with gay Asian boys

Tickle Torture, Blow Job, Dual Cum Shots

Get ready to shoot your load over and over again with this incredible tickle, blow job, hand job, and simultaneous cum shots video! Vahn has Asian twink Alex tied spreadeagled to the bed fully clothed. Vahn starts the tickling slow and teasing. Alex immediately begins his cute giggling at the slightest touch.

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Vahn progresses the tickling with all fingers poking and scribbling on his torso. He lifts his shirt and starts tickling his ribs and abs, making Alex torque and laugh hysterically. Soon they’re naked and Vahn has a field day with foot tickling all over Alex’s smooth soles. It’s driving Alex insane with gut laughter. His feet are so wonderfully ticklish as you can tell by his scrunched up toes and his feet flailing wildly with every light scrape and flicker of Vahn’s fingers.

Laughing Asians male feet and gay tickling fetish videos


After he has exhausted Alex with tickling, he begins a hand job and blow job. Alex begs to have his hands released so he can jerk himself off and get relief. He needs to cum bad. So the two Asian boys jerk themselves and cum at exactly the same time!

erotic tickling Asian boy feet

Erotic Tickling Asian Male Feet: Argie

Asian Boy Argie is cute, slim, and toned. And of course, you know what we do to cute Asian twinks at Laughing Asians! We cuffed him and strapped him in spreadeagled bondage to the bed for some erotic tickling action.

Erotic tickling crotchVahn goes one on one with cute Asian boy Argie. Being this is Argie’s first time, he was initially resistant to letting his laughter out. Many guys find it embarrassing to show they are ticklish. But it was obvious he was very ticklish. Vahn wanted to get past that point. He wanted this cute Asian boy’s laughter to fill the room. So Vahn stepped up his game. Within a minute or so, Argie was bursting out in laughter from erotic tickling of his crotch and armpits.

Vahn moves down to Argie’s cute andErotic Tickling male feet ticklish Asian male feet and does some fantatic foot tickling. Argie is flailing about in hysterics. Then Ricky joins in the erotic tickling fun. This is where the tickle team action really gets off the ground. Ricky goes right for his upper body with some poking and prodding of his ticklish rib cage. Then he moves up for some erotic tickling on his ticklish armpits. This keeps Argie flailing and laughing.

tickling Asian boy feetRicky and Vahn sit at the end of the bed and relentless foot tickling is the order of the moment. They tickle his feet relentlessly for a good long time. The erotic tickling intensifies when Ricky sits above Argie’s head and tickles his armpits while Vahn continues with the male foot tickling.

Then Ricky tickles his feet and crotch with the vibrating erotic tickling machine, which sends him into hysterics for the grand finale! This was Argie’s first time ever with us, and I am sure happy he joined our male feet and erotic tickling family! He’ll be with us for a good long time!

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tickle torture Asian male

Tickle Torture On Danilo’s Ticklish Feet

Tickle torture is something we love here at Tickled Asian Twinks. Our handsome Asian boy tickling expert Danilo has the tables turned on him. He is tied down and given some fun and furious tickle torture by his buddies.

tickle torture Asian maleDanilo becomes the male tickling subject for the pleasure of Gilbert and Ricky. Danilo is tied down spreadeagled on the bed. Gilbert delivers his foot tickling fury back on Danilo’s cute Asian boy feet. Ricky steps in later and oils up his ticklish boy soles and really gets Danilo giggling like a school boy. Oh the writhing wiggling helpless ticklish feet!

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Asian boy tickle

Ticklish Little Lance

Ticklish perfection is achieved in this gay Asian boy tickling video. This is Lance’s third tickle fetish video with Laughing Asians, and as they say, third time is a charm. In this scene Lance will charm your need and desire for the ultimate tickle fantasy in this one!

Ticklish Asian Twink LanceOften times our new Asian boys hold back their ticklishness due to their embarrassment and shyness because they don’t know the ticklers very well. Anyone who has read up on knismolagnia (yes, tickle fetish has a scientific name) knows that the reactions to being tickled are determined by the relationship one has with the tickler. If it’s a stranger who is administering the tickling, the reaction can be anger or even violent, but seldom is what we fetish people would favor. But when it’s someone who is liked or loved and familiar, the reaction will often be favorable to what we like; laughter!

So now that Lance has become familiar with us, and fortunately likes us, it is apparent that his reactions to tickling were much less restrained. Obviously he felt more free to just let it tickle and laugh and squirm and do all those wonderful things that us knismolagiacs love. And that’s what makes this video so damn fantastic! Have a look!

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Tickle Fun With Warren

Yes it’s another rousing foot tickle time with Asian twinks! Warren’s ankles are strapped to the stair rail soles up for full tickling access to his wonderfully cute smooth Asian boy feet.

Ricky goes first with his expert fingers dancing and flickering on his bare soles sending tickle jolts down his legs and out his mouth in the form of hysterical laughter. Then cute Asian boy Lance gets the feathers and is tickling his feet with them and there’s no place for his ticklish soles to hide!

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Laughing Asians
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Warren give some foot tickling

Foot Tickling Fun With Lance

Lance is such a cute Asian tickle boy toy! He returns in this fun little foot tickling and tickle endurance combo. Lance’s ankles are bound to the stair case banister soles up. Our cutie pie boy tickler Warren gets to tickle his feet. Lance’s soles are incredibly smooth and soft like silk and so very sensitive to the touch!

And the best part is, his beautiful Asian boy feet are so ticklish! Warren puts him through hell with his fingers and feathers for several minutes. Then it’s tickle endurance freestyle. Lance is free standing and he must hold his arms up while Warren tickles his naked twink body with feathers and fingers. Lance looks like he’s created a new tickle dance!

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twink tickling Jesse Rivera

Asian Twink Tickling Fun With Jesse Rivera

It’s Asian twink tickling time with Jesse Rivera again! It seems the gay Asian twink tickling world has a favorite boy! Jesse is back again by popular demand in this fetish video request. It has the incredibly hot Jesse Rivera in various bondage and tickling situations.

We start with his wrists tied above his head while Ricky uses feathers to tickle torture Jesse’s sensitive armpits making him leap about with heavenly giggles and laughter.

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Then he starts poking and delicately tickling up and down his smooth sides and armpits with his fingers. We strap him down on the tickle rack for a while and put him through such delightful foot tickling. Jesse’s ticklish feet are so strong. Ricky has a hard time keeping his Asian boy soles up and exposed, but still manages to get some good twink tickling done on his cute Asian male feet.

During a break, we take you behind the scenes with a bit of conversation and messing around in between. But then it’s right back to the tickle fun. Daddy Mike has his shot at tickling cute Jesse. Then we end up with an Asian twink tickling endurance test. Jesse must voluntarily hold his arms up while Ricky tickles his armpits and smooth sides and ass making Jesse squirm like a ticklish worm. What an incredibly tickle-erotic scene!

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Armpits Tickle Torture

Asian Tickle Torture: Feather Ticklish Ronny

Ticklish Asian Boy RonnyAsian tickle torture is defined in this incredibly hot tickling video. When I first laid eyes on this 19 year old Asian boy cutie Ronny from a photo online, I got weak in the knees by how adorable he was. And when I finally met him in person, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  I knew this cutie would look fantastic tied down naked on our tickling rack for some tickle fetish fun. Imagine how excited I was when he accepted my offer. I was really hoping he was as ticklish as he is cute!

So we strapped him down onAsian boy tickle torture armpits the tickle torture rack and Ricky was armed with the feather sticks. Ricky starts tickling his neck and ears. This immediately caused Ronny’s head to thrash from side to side and the most wonderful hysterical laughter bursts forth from his wide open smiling face! It was like music to my ears! Ricky relentlessly alternates the flickering feather tips from ears and neck and his wonderfully ticklish Asian boy armpits. Ronny is flailing about wildly in hysterical laughter.

Armpits Tickle Torture

Tickling Asian Boy RibsThen Ricky puts down the feathers and begins tickling his upper body and armpits with his fast scribbling fingers. Ronny’s hysterics jump to a new height and the room was echoing with ticklish high pitched laughter from this adorable 19 year old Asian boy. The poking and prodding up and down his ticklish rib cage had Ronny squealing like a school girl. After he couldn’t take anymore, Ricky relented briefly to give him a chance to breath before taking the tickling action to his Asian boy feet.

The tickle torture continues on Ronny’stickle torture asian boy feet bare male feet. His bare soles were wonderful and soft. But the best thing is that they were even more ticklish than his upper body. Ricky relentlessly starts tickling his feet. The laughter begins again in unison with his wildly flailing feet as Ricky’s fingernails quickly flicker all over his ticklish male feet. Sweat is rolling off Ronny’s cute boy face as laughter bellows out of it.

Asian boy feet tickled with feathers

Tickling Asian Boy RonnyThe ticklish excursion continues with the feathers on his ticklish feet. Ricky teasingly wiggles the feathers in his toes and up and down his Asian boy soles. Ronny giggles delightfully with every feather stroke. The tickle torture of this sexy cute tickle boy goes on for a full 16 minutes and is one you don’t want to miss!

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Length: 16 minutes

Full HD
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